Liz Ramos

Elizabeth Ramos (Ms. Liz)

Cosmetology / Barber Phase 1 Educator

Elizabeth has over 30 years in the Cosmetology field and recently added to her resume by crossing over and becoming a licensed Barber! Elizabeth; better known as Ms. Liz, is Champions Lead Cosmetology Instructor and helps start all of our future Barber and Cosmetology Champions build a firm foundation as our Phase One Lead. Ms. Liz is dedicated to creating an environment where all students feel encouraged and confident. Her goal is to help students find their passion in the beauty and barber industry that can carry over into other aspects of their lives. Ms. Liz’s passion and patience is evident in her teaching style. Her patience creates confidence, decisiveness, and encourages her students to have thoughtful outlooks on the skills they are developing and on life. The attributes she instills provoke wisdom and success.

Outside of Champions Ms. Liz has three children, and five grandchildren. When she isn’t spending time with them or her fiancé Cody, she has many hobbies including, gardening, bike riding and spoiling her little dog ChaCha.