1. You Can be Your own Boss

There are very few trades that offer as many opportunities to work for yourself or to open your own successful business. In barbering, you have the opportunity to work within a company, rent a chair in a salon, work as a mobile barber and the opportunity to open your own business.

2. You Can Be Creative

Barbering allows you to have a platform to showcase your artistic side on an array of people who lead various lifestyles. You’re also able to showcase your artistic work through social media, allowing you to become a trendsetter.

3. Meet New People Everyday

Very few jobs offer the opportunity to meet and interact with such a variety of people. Many barbers make good friends and contacts from their clients; your confidence and popularity will grow.

4. You Can Travel

Barbering is a skill you can take anywhere. Barbers are needed globally and once you have your qualifications you can pretty much go anywhere you want.

5. Each Day Is Different

Each and every day is different. Every client that sits in your chair will ask for a different style and you’ll face different challenges, keeping it enjoyable and exciting.

6. Livable Wage

There is the opportunity to earn a decent wage in barbering, especially once you are established. So not only will you love your job but you can be earning good money from it as well!

7. You Can Establish Yourself

There are a huge variety of hair-based competitions both locally and nationally giving you the opportunity to become established and well known, in your area and all over the United States.

8. It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to train as a barber or develop your barbering skills. as little as 6 months with fulltime schedule you can quickly be on your dream career path!

9. You’ll Always Have a Job

The bottom line is men will always need to have their hair cut regardless of the economic situation. The recent rise in male grooming also shows that men are willing to invest money into how they look.

10. You Can Help

The most enjoyable reason to be a barber is to help men to look and feel their best! You have the ability to completely change how someone feels about themselves and give them confidence.

1000 Hour class A Barber Program

Our curriculum is a balance of theory, practical and hands-on skills taught by qualified barber educators with years of experience, knowledge, and passion. Students will experience interactive lectures, presentations, guest speakers, platform artists, live demonstrations, and field trips to learn and master your craft. You get the perfect combination of theory and practice to round out your education. Here at Champions Barber and Beauty Academy, you will have plenty of hands-on client services in a real- world shop setting such as:

  • Straight Razor Shaves
  • Shear Haircutting & Hairstyling
  • Tapers/Fades/Bald Fades
  • Chemical Services
  • Beard Sculpting
  • Facials/Esthetics
  • Waxing Hair Removal
  • Manicures
  • Proper Sanitation
  • Product Knowledge
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Business Management
  • Networking


There are so many opportunities to grow and hone your skills at Champions Barber and Beauty Academy! We’re extremely active within the Waco, TX community and strive to organize events and activities that immerse and reward our students. Some of the opportunities you’ll have include:

  • Activities outside of school
  • Fashion shows /Barber shows
  • FUNraising for charity
  • Industry events
  • Salon open house
  • Student teams


Crossover Program - 300 Hour

If you’re already a cosmetologist / stylist and want to expand your skills to serve a broader range of customers, our crossover program is your ticket to success. We build on the styling skills you already have, focusing specifically on barbering and men’s grooming classes in addition to refining your skills with an upscale learning environment dedicated solely to straight razor shaves, beard trimming and sculpting, and barber education, students learn the skills they need to pass the state board exam and succeed in the much-needed craft of the growing grooming industry. It’s the crash course you need to welcome a whole new range of clients and deliver superior service.

Exam Preparation

Our students become well-rounded stylists, equipped with the knowledge they need to pass Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) Board Examinations, both written and practical. They also leave with an understanding of how to maximize their license and establish themselves as professionals.

We are extremely proud of our Academy’s high passing rate. What a great reflection of our 10 passionate Educators that we have on our team.

Enrollment Criteria

  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of citizenship or immigration status (social security card, green card)
  • Pay $150 Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee, can be transferable
  • Pay $25 for Student Permit
  • Min. age for state test -17 years of age
  • Must have a strong desire to becoming a professional

Champions Barber
Educator Certification

Want to pass your skills on to others? Looking for a course that gives you a teaching component to go with the experience you already have as a successful barber? Our barber classes are designed to do exactly that. We cater to professionals of all calibers and experience levels, ensuring you have the insights needed to pass your skills on in an institutional setting. With the recent changes pertaining to licensing, the Champions Barber Educator Certification training that you receive will ensure you are prepared to be a successful Educator by learning classroom management and leadership skills.

Champions Transfer Students

Moving to Texas from another state? Expanding on your barbering skill, learned at a different institution? We offer discounted tuition for trained individuals coming to us from other institutions. Bring us a transcript from you former school and we’ll discuss tuition based on the hours you need to reach our high standards.